I'm using my 5th e-ink device now. I hope I wouldn't lose nor break this one.

Now I am surrounded by people who are mostly 4 years old younger than me.

I found their ways of talking about life weird sometimes when they talk about living expenses, lovers, and the future. I don't consider university life as exciting as they would consider it. I don't find buying things and managing money as new a part of my life as they do. I don't find becoming an adult as empowering as they do.

Living with them for the last month really make me take a new look around the things in adulthood that I have for 4 years been taking for granted. I don't see how regaining this viewpoint and understanding their position would benefit me, but I did find it interesting to recall what I felt when I became an adult.
In order to relate to my lovely roommates, I managed to remember when I first got my personal bank account, leaving my parents, taking an ID with me, suddenly being allowed to do a lot more things.

Alright, I'm perhaps way past this period, but it makes me curious to look at how the people nearby are adapting to this new identity of theirs.

Had a round of discussion of telling geese and ducks apart today in class.

I did not know geese were bigger and a kind of "unfriendly" animal until I read Hyperbole and Half.

So disconnected from the nature I was to had not known this before.

Speaking of learning methods... and Polish artworks I've already watched and read. 

Oh... I forgot to mention, I've read Lem's The Cyberiad in Chinese translation as well, but it was translated from English. I borrowed it from the library and it was an old edition.

There's going to be a new Simplified Chinese translation of the book directly translated from Polish by a Polish language professor from Shanghai International Studies University.

Old cover: New cover:

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Speaking of learning methods... and Polish artworks I've already watched and read. 

I also plan to read Stanisław Lem and Olga Tokarczuk's works in Polish, play the Witchers: Wild Hunt in Polish in future.

Before for fostering a taste and interest in Polish culture, I have read in Chinese translation Czesław Miłosz's The Captive Mind, Olga Tokarczuk's House of Day, House of Night and Prawiek i inne czasy
, some of Bruno Schulz's work and Jan Potocki's ‎The Manuscript Found in Saragossa.
I watched with Chinese subtitles the Polish TV series 1983. Watched without any subtitles the films The Hourglass Sanatorium and The Manuscript Found in Saragossa. I understood very little about what the people were saying.

I was already recommended to Solaris on SLOWLY, and I already tried to find the books that Polish would read during primary school and junior high schools as my future reading materials.

If you have any other recommendations about Polish language and culture.. your comments would be very appreciated.

Watched the film "YI YI" today.
The film didn't fail me. Weird that I would think long films do not deserve watching for now and I was afraid I might lose focus during the film.

I will start revising Polish language soon so that I can start type in Polish slowly about stuff and express myself in the language.

But.. I guess it would still be 50/50 chance that I would send a English or Polish toot, because I need to use my English, too, and sometimes I wanted my expression to flow.

Speaking Polish at my learning stage takes a lot of patience and time, sometimes compromises efficiency for expression.
I chatted with a man in Polish
from my dorm's facebook group in the Netherlands in the last December, and I typed very very slowly... so worried that he would get mad at my always late responce... but he was nice all the time during our talk.

I will restart using Tandem and SLOWLY soon as well. A lot of people helped me in my language learning, but I gave up easily in forth-and-by conversations due to
my laziness, wrecked faith in communication and anxiety about time arrangement.

Hi, I'm Shaelyn, currently at age 22, staying with my family in China.

I studied in the Netherlands during the school years 2018 and 2019. Things did not go well (and I'm not going to explain much in this toot about how it went terrible).

I majored in Linguistics, and studied Modern Greek and Polish as my fourth and fifth foreign languages along with that.

I like the Polish game the Witchers: Wild Hunt. TBH, I had little idea about the countries the users of the languages mostly live in before I chose to learn these languages, but now I like the people, too.

I learnt foreign languages for asylum from censorship of speech, but I found that if I do not change my mind, I am gonna stay just as silent and worried when I speak any of the languages.

I'm just typing something in English... and to be immersed in Polish and English languages and communities here.

I was not a good language learner when I was taught Polish and Greek there but my language teachers who are native speakers were excellent. I hope by practising and using these languages, I can manage to not fail my decision long ago, and also repay my teachers' hard work in the future.


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