It's like watching a rigged game of Monopoly where one player is cracking open extra Monopoly sets to keep his friends playing with him.

Does anyone find it disconcerting that the asset purchases seem to match the growth of corporation???

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Browser add-ons, privacy 

We are not very impressed about this but #TailsOS users have a different #fingerprint to regular #TorBrowser users.

TailsOS adds #uBlock addon

So its arguable that you could match the #fingerprint of a TailOS user by using the #addon.

Its odd that Tails added it (or that #TorProject isn't).

This may change.

Those who are #Cloudflare-aware can use #BCMA (Block Cloudflare MITM Attack).

#onionMaximalist #browserAddons #MITMAttack

Its okay everyone, #Cloudflare has a solution to #DRM annoyances and people who right-click things they shouldn't.

They call it #RemoteBrowserInterface, if memory serves.

Basically, your computer runs a program that fetches video of a browser running on the Cloudflare Cloud.

Its good because running your own #browsers is super-duper dangerousโ€ฆ only a complete fool would do it.

@NEETzsche @bot @crunklord420 @D00B @Eris

Using #Cloudflare is basically #cheating.

Its cheating at #theInternet, its cheating your smaller business but most of all its #cheatingHumanity.

Its cheating the people who trusted your website.

#trust #itsCheating #smallBusiness

IT'S #CHEATING HUMANITY: For a long time we've been struggling with how best to define the act of using a #CAGEFAM megacorp like #Cloudflare and #Amazon.

We've used:
- #cyberAttack like #CentralPointOfManInTheMiddleAttackAsAService,
- helping #extortion and #takingTheWorldPrivate
- 'caging'
- helping to radicalise with #extremistProducer

But all these analogies arrive at a simple truth โ€” they are #cheating, and in-so-doing are also #cheatingHumanity.

#sellingOutHumanity #cheaters #itsCheating

People seem to be affected by "The quickening of days".

We don't tend to think in Biblical terms but when you see #cloudFlare growing by millions of domains per monthโ€ฆ

#theQuickeningOfDays #cloudsOnFire

If you still #crossPost from #Twitter in 2022 (your toots are all under 160).

If you have hundreds of "followers" but only follow a dozen.

If you never boost other people's toots, but push crap from the #Guardian, #Cloudflare websites and today, blogs about damned #scamTokens.

If the only reason we subscribed to you was you seemed #progressive, yet everything you post about is #cronyist in nature.

Count us out.


#unfollowed #glyn #unsubscribed #twitterati #twitterPurge

Every #Jan6 is a disaster.

Last year is was #JulianAssange kept in a UK prison without a conviction, by a judge whose partner is military.

This year the disaster is that Julian is still in prison, and that #Mozilla looks to drop its #bitcoin donations and last chance at independence from the likes of #Google, #Amazon and #Cloudflare.

#cancelCulture #theCrowd #mentallyIncapacitatedTwitter #moneyPrinterGoDrr

YOU ARE BLOCKED from donating to .

The problem with Mozilla's decision to use the third-party service, is that BitPay is โ€“ in fact a staggering 80% of sites are!

Use my BCMA addon to detect controlled sites.

Try to bitcoin to Mozilla, sans Cloudflare and let's make great, without the maligned influence of !

- - -

Join the resistance to . Follow me and I'll follow you, alerting you when a site controlled by Cloudflare (or GAFAM) is shared by you.

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Yes, for #DDOSProtection, the thing that most say Cf is useful for. There are a range of #FOSSCaptcha alternatives. Consider also baking into any images a watermark of your website and business so that your #captcha cannot be ethically passed onto #microWorkers.

The Man-In-The-Middle Attack Prevention Gator, aka #MitiGator is #FOSS and provides alternatives dynamically based on what a person toots or boosts.

@patricksudlow @jeffcliff @witchescauldron @msaunders @MitiGator

We need to talk about

When was the last time you saw it actually something for the better in your area? What if is less about positive change and more about learning about you!

And its served by *drum-roll* โ€“ .

Are and about ticking a box on the web, or about mobilizing in your community for things you're passionate about?

Try writing a Letter to the Editor or your local rep, start your own little publication, or petition at the grocers.

- - -

Follow me and I'll follow you to alert you when a site controlled by Cloudflare (or GAFAM) is shared by you.

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When you see #scorecardResearch being fetched by a website, just think #scamazon (aka #amazon).

DID YOU KNOW it generally takes about 3 to 30 seconds to check if a page snitches to #CAGEFAM (#cloudflare, amazon, #google, #microsoft etc).

Use Ctrl+Shift+E in #TorBrowser to bring up the Network tab.

Yesterday, a #socialMedia and political #commentor appeared on #RT's #BoomBust program, and namedropped #Gab as "entirely independent run, including their payment processors".

But its untrue. Gab is #Cloudflare.

This was framed in relation to #Parler, which they identified as being attacked by #Amazon and #Apple, but Cloudflare is among the most #monopolistic and predatory in tech.

The commentator who made this false claim is #LaurenChen.

#factCheck #financialData #dotCon #closedSilo @zleap

WHAT YOUR #VOCABULARY would look like if it was like #theInternet today.

Our last toot (adjusted):

> "CLOUDFLARE COURSE cloudflare amazonAWS: Cloudflare discover cloudflare. โ€” Cloudflare state cloudflare cloudflare basic #MicrosoftAzure tenants of #amazonAWS #cloudflare and #cloudflare."

#speech #fixedSpeech #emailProtected #DDOSProtectionLOL #buildBackBetterInternet

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Cloudflare actually use the heading, "Help us build a better Internet."


What was so wrong with the internet in 2009 (the year the MitM Attack started)?

by [scrubbed]

MASS LINE: The internet is where you can express ideas freely (even anonymously with a clever pen-name!)... it's a *disaster* for those in power.

CLASS LINE: Your '' experience is designed by those in power to divert your attention while they steal from you. No, we will not be discussing โ€” that's part of the psyop!

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Let me follow you to alert you when a site controlled by Cloudflare (or GAFAM) is shared by you.


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On Friday, the US and UK continued their of esteemed and publisher, Julian Assange.

The (Electronic Frontier Foundation) waited till Monday to say something about it. They were literally tooting for two days in the meantime.

Is this an problem or something more sinister?

The EFF is a Partner:

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Hi Fedizens, you may remember me as โ€” yelling from the corner of the avatar.

In a moment of upmost frustration I morphed into the Prevention Alligator. As always, you can follow me and I'll follow you, to let you know when you accidentally toot a dodgy website.

DID YOU KNOW I don't just -warn? I'll can now warn about , and even .

Access your settings via:

Together, we can 'snap back' against the !

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