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hi, im migrating to because why not, 🇵🇱 below 

siema przechodzę na @jeder i no, nic więcej chyba

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albo tutaj zostawie to konto jako alta, bo wiadomo, raspberry pi coś mi nie wyrabia, czekam na radiatory

pleroma not soon
i have no fucking backup of this

you can see on this graph exactly when shit died lmao

someone answer me, why mastodon fe redirects to the instance when clicking the minutes counter

listening eurodance with some old lady singing feels weird

okay can anyone tell me why am i copying folders to sd card through sftp?

the only theory i can think of is "it's because that pi is indirectly connected to that tv through one tv, and xbox" but does it make sense? there's also one involving mains but what the fuck

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and once again, that tv turned on with rpi reboot, what the hell

pleroma should be up today i guess?

explain to me, how exactly does HDMI-CEC work? I just turned on a tv that isn't plugged to my RPi

lets just hope i didn't forget anything lmfao

yeah, i think i have backed up everything i need

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